Online PACES Courses

This is a guide to online PACES courses. We also list London PACES courses and other UK PACES courses.


Intensive, structured and dedicated face-to-face online PACES coaching by senior MRCP PACES tutors.

Focused and targeted guidance, tailor-made to YOUR specific training needs on all 5 PACES stations

Learn UNIQUE and HIGHLY EFFECTIVE approach to tackle commonly encountered PACES scenarios.

100% positive feedback – “very helpful session, Dr R Clarke”, “Increased my confidence significantly, Dr A Tingay”,”I couldn’t have passed without your guidance, Dr S Amin”

Track record of 93% first time pass rate for all doctors.

£170 for personalised coaching session delivered through Skype.


123 Doc

Online e-course modules.

Courses Offered

  • Clinical Cardiology, 2 month subscription, £69.99
  • Clinical Cardiology, 4 month subscription, £94.99
  • Clinical Respiratory, 2 month subscription, £69.99
  • Clinical Respiratory, 4 month subscription, £89.99
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